Our Heroes

Hitch-Hiker was found under a car on top of the spare tire in a parking lot. Our hero Rory Dow slid under the car on wet pavement to rescue the crying kitten. Kudos for not only saving the 8 week old kitten, but for doing it right after a rainfall and making sure she got to a rescue. The kitten has now been adopted along with another of our kittens.

Thank you Rory.

Rory Dow and Hitch-Hiker


Dodger was found by another hero, Jay Cackowski, on the John Lodge Freeway. He braved the traffic to get out of his car on the freeway and grab the 3 ½ week old kitten and bring her to safety and ultimately to The Cat Connection. At first she seemed to have PTSD and was very traumatized, but she has since gotten over it and now purrs when held like a normal kitten.

Thank you Jay.

Dodger, Jay was unavailable for a photo